a single weekend.

this was a weekend that reminded me how great being single can be.

my weekend started thursday night when becca and i went to the old german beer hall, played bar dice with the cute bar tenders and managed to stay out until 2 am.

friday night i went to yoga and then lay around the living room with my roommates watching dateline.

saturday after work i relaxed a bit then headed over to becca’s and we drank wine while playing with her wii fit. then we headed to our favorite dive bar and once again entertained ourselves with bar dice and cute boys.

sunday morning, after catching up with my roomie and falling back asleep for a few hours, my friend s and i went hiking west of the city, where there are acres and acres of public land. it was finally warm enough to be comfortabel in just a tank top and shorts and it felt amazing to have the sun on my shoulders.

after she dropped me off i took another nap, got dinne at whole foods and met becca for another walk through our neighborhood.

today started with a quick run, and i’m getting to take my favorite yoga class tonight so it’s a great start to a new week.

the last few weeks have been pretty rough for me, but i’m definitely feeling back to my normal energetic, upbeat self.




…riding high from coming in third place at trivia with a two person team. we only got a teeny tiny bit of help and kicked ass. then celebrated after.

…obsessed with getting a dog. i’m pretty sure the phrase “i need a dog” has permanently replaced “i need a boyfriend” in my life. last week i was talking to my parents and very seriously told them that getting a dog would solve all of my life problems. they both just laughed. i know logically that it isn’t true, but it’s more emotionally healthy than being fixated on getting a boyfriend right? right??

…craving another tattoo. i have a few ideas, but nothing concrete so it probably won’t happen for a while. or maybe i’ll get one next week…who knows!

…dreaming about summer. patio drinking. country concert. the beach. walking EVERYWHERE.


…on a mission to actually fit in my summer clothes. apparently i’ve been emotionally eating like whoa so it’s time to get that under control. game plan: move daily, no late night (drunk) eating, and only one treat per day. as i explained to my friends yesterday, that means i can still eat an entire pizza if i want to, but no an entire pizza AND a bag of mini reese’s cups.

…trying to cultivate a daily yoga practice. whether it’s going to a class, doing a full practice as home or just a few poses when i wake up or before bed, i need it.

..really over dating. it’s just…terrible.

..realizing that like half of the instagram accounts i follow are dedicated to bulldogs. see above.

…extremely grateful for my parents. they’re really just the best and i love them so much. i’m happy that i’ll get to see them a fair amount in may for my graduation and my trip home for my dad’s birthday party.

C & T Dalkey

p.s. my dad is turning 70 which is just bananas. i should maybe write a post about why i think having old parents is wonderful…

…also extremely grateful for my friends. i think one of the gifts of being single in your twenties is forming deep friendships, because that’s who you depend on when you don’t have a significant other. my friends mean everything to me, especially because my family has like 5 people in it and they all live far away.

…excited for my day off tomorrow. sleeping in. yoga, school work, and laundry here i come.



liebster round 2

i’m so honored to have been nominated for a second liebster award by the lovely Taylor over at Pinstripes & Lipgloss!

let’s be honest, it’s always really nice to hear that someone enjoys reading your random thoughts and finds you at least mildly entertaining, especially when it’s someone who writes a blog you love too!


i love doing these little quizzes because it’s a. automatic content and b. fun to share random things about myself i probably wouldn’t write about otherwise. so here goes:

Why did you start blogging?

I found myself having a lot to say…and I didn’t like sharing on Facebook (which I’ve since deleted) because I’m weirdly private, and somehow the blogging community is less scary than people I know in real life. I once told my mom that I wanted to write a book someday, and her response was that I definitely have enough opinions to fill a book, which is absolutely true (sidenote: writing a book is definitely still my life goal). I also love the journal aspect and the community–it’s a great way to remember that I’m not alone as a confused twenty something.

What drives you?

I was recently talking to someone and they asked me why I became a librarian, my answer was that I love helping people, and I suppose that is the answer to this question as well. I get so much joy and satisfaction from helping someone solve a problem or find information they need…I love being middle man who facilitates that transaction (that got grad school-y real quick). My go to saying is that librarians don’t know everything, but we know how to find out anything.

What is your favorite iPhone app?

I actually recently thought of doing a post on this so here’s the abbreviated version:

Clue: Period tracker. So fucking useful.

Circa:  Aggregated news app, I hate sifting through news sites and getting information overload, but I also hate feeling out of the loop and uneducated on major events…Circa has been a great solution for me, as well as signing up for theSkimm emails.

Goodreads: LOVE THIS. Social networking for books…need I say more? I can keep track of books I’ve read and put books I run across and want to read on my to-read shelf so I can remember them for the future.

Runkeeper: I just started using this and I really like that it tells you how long you’ve been running and what your pace is because I loathe running with a watch.

7 minute workout: Self explanatory title…it guides you through a 7 minute at home workout, which is the perfect solution for when I want to work out but feel lazy. Since it’s on my phone I can follow along while watching a show on my laptop, which is even better.

Dots: The only game I play on my phone…simple but fun. I love the new color scheme too!

Instagram: My favorite social networking site…getting periodic doses of beauty and inspiration throughout the day makes me happy. I love photography and getting better at it is one of my long term goals.

What is the one piece of clothing/accessory you cannot live without?

My grandmother’s class ring and her locket, both of which i got after she passed away. The ring  I only take it off to shower and I think of the locket as a good luck charm so I always wear it on job interviews and first dates.

Photo (1)

The “M” is for McGuire, her married last name, and the locket has a roman coin on the inside that my grandpa bought for her and on the ring the “L”  is for Lawton (Michigan) High School, 1943 was her graduation year and her initials are stamped on the inside.

What is a quote that inspires you?


The minister at my church often uses this quote in the benediction at the end of a service and it just fills me with so much hope and joy. Also, it’s pretty much been the theme of my life lately…

Name a song that has been stuck in your head recently?

Not a specific song, but Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift have been my go to gals lately.

What do you think sets your writing apart from other bloggers?

This was a hard one for me to answer…but I definitely strive to make my blog authentic and personal, not driven by one specific topic. I love healthy living blogs, but my favorites are ones where the blogger is an authentic chick who happens to be interested in being healthy, not blogs that are completely driven by the topic of healthy living. So basically I just try to write about whatever is going on in my head, not necessarily zeroing in on one topic, which I think I would find limiting.

Name a goal you’d like to attain in the next year.

Being financially stable. I’m over the grad school lifestyle–I want to be able to pay off my debt and start saving to make some major purchases, like a car and a pup.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

This is a hard question because there are a lot of things I like about myself…I’m pretty much my #1 favorite person to hang out with. But I guess I would have to say my enthusiasm and passion because I really enjoy being the opposite of apathetic. Runner up is my strength and independence, because I like depending on myself.

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? (Not a fan? Tell us why)

It depends on the weather and my mood–if it’s cold out I either do a grande pike place with a splash of soy or a grande soy latte (triple shot if I’m dragging). When it’s warm out I’m an iced coffee gal all the way–I usually do a grande with half ice, a splash of soy milk and a little sweetener.

How would you describe yourself using only five words?

Confident, Loving, Intelligent, Joyful and Honest.

since i exhausted my supply of blogs in the last round of liebster, instead i’ll ask what blogs i should be reading…because this girl can always use more reading material!

what blogs do y’all think I should be reading?