that time i forgot i had a blog…

of course i could never ACTUALLY forget about this little buddy…but my life got insane this past month and i definitely stopped having the energy to write any sort of coherent post. i i bopped around creeping on everyone else’s blogs as usual, but keeping pretty quiet myself. but i truly mises it and now that i’m DONE WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL i’m looking forward to having more energy to write.


lately i’ve been feeling very at peace–i’ve been focusing on how i can use my essential goodness to benefit others in all aspects of life and having that mindset has truly brought me so much joy. i feel such deep gratitude to be able to live this beautiful life filled with wonderful people near and far. and i’m thrilled that i’m able to start a career i’m passionate about and move from the student stage of life to the professional world. i feel ready.Β 

i’ll be back soon to recap the details of life lately, but i think it’s time to start (continue) the celebration! my parents are arriving tomorrow and it looks like i’m going to have a weekend filled with my favorite people, good food and fun as i celebrate becoming a master of the universe…because that’s what a master’s degree is right???


just popping by….

so say i’m alive and relatively well.

last night and today were a tiny bit of breath between finishing up classes, and it’s been great.

my friday night consisted of epic hill sprints, an amazing dinner and the second half ofΒ braveΒ (aka my favorite movie at the moment).


work today was completely average, but included a successful shopping trip on my lunch break.

i got picked up from work and got sushi and went grocery shopping with two of my favorites, and am typing up this post after half an hour of yoga.

my plan for the rest of the night is to watch an episode of my favorite show then get ready for a night on the town celebrating me and my friend’s upcoming graduation.

tomorrow i’ll be back at it, finishing off one last class before i graduate.

see you on the flip side!