i woke up this morning to a text form my roommate saying she had been on facebook and an acquaintance of ours had posted an RIP message and when she dug deeper, the guy who had passed looked really familiar.

it turns out he was the guy we were talking to at our favorite bar last sunday evening, when we stopped in for a quick drink. i said something sassy to him about drinking on a sunday and he told us he was just grabbing a drink then heading to pick up his girl and her friend and go to summerfest. we chatted for a bit about normal twenty something bullshit then he headed out. i didn’t even know his name at the time, and now he’s dead.

i don’t even know how to describe feelings about that news. we had a random moment of interaction but he seemed like a nice dude. he worked at one of our other go to bars. he was friendly and nice to the bartender, introducing himself and saying he’d probably see her around. he knew the same people we know. he went where we go. he had a mom and a girlfriend and an entire life, complete with ups and downs and highs and lows, which was probably pretty similar to mine in many ways.

i have no idea what happened, and i probably never will, but that news hit me in a really deep way.

i’m lucky in that my grandmother is the only person i was truly close to who passed on…and she was well into her 80s and ill. although i think about her often, she got to live a full life.

i know it’s a cliche, and perhaps a selfish one at that, but the news of his death put the past week of my life in perspective. i can’t help but think, if that had been my last week on earth, what would i have done differently?


so cheers to charlie…even though i didn’t know him, i’m sure i’ll think about him often.


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