things I learned in this apartment.

On Friday I move out of the apartment I’ve shared with two of my best friends for two years. So much has happened to me in this place…I know I’m going to miss it when I’m gone, but right now I’m relieved to be moving forward and closing this chapter of my life. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned in Cambridge Manor.

if you need something in a relationship or life in general, or even just really want it, you have to ask for it.

people can really suck sometimes, but 99% of the time it’s not about you…it’s a manifestation of their issues.

I throw things when I get really really angry.

there’s a difference between being pissed at someone and not wanting to be friends with them anymore.

don’t trust a girl with no other female friends.

I still need my parents.

frozen pizza is the best study food.

everyone just wants a friend.

music really does sound better on vinyl.

people are selfish has sometimes have bad intentions.

cherish the people who are there for you when shit is rough.

yoga and meditation really do work–you can’t out party your problems.

love doesn’t come around very often.

my friends are awesome.

Cheers to the new adventure of trying to actually act like a grown up!


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