mindful consumption

i don’t think any culturally aware person would argue with the fact that we live in a consumerist society. at it’s core, capitalism is driven by the consumption of STUFF. i’ve learned that where and how you spend your money says a lot about what you as an individual value.

but i think we’ve all grown a little too obsessed with stuff. maybe it’s just that i read a lot of blogs, many of which are monetized and promote products, and include(sometimes weekly) run downs of favorite products, but i’m getting disillusioned with our need to buy the newest product and fill our lives with THINGS for every conceivable need. the newest such and such may make your life a little easier, but it doesn’t simplify it. it clutters your space, your mind and your life.


maybe it’s just because my budget is so tight that i’ve truly learned the difference between want because i would use it and need in order to function in the world.

i can’t deny the rush one gets from consuming–and i have the credit card debt to prove it. but through purposefully living with less, i’ve gained control over my life. i’ve begun to embrace quality over quantity. simple is beautiful. simple is meaningful.

lately i’ve been striving to live my life with intention and purpose; paring down the excess noise of distractions, letting mindfulness work itself into my consumption of stuff. for me, it’s another step on the path to a content life.



healthy(ish) comfort dinner

so this week is pretty insane for me–one of those where everything is happening at once.

for me, stress = tummy issues.

i’m not going to go into detail (you’re welcome) but when i’m having tummy dramz i crave carbs, carbs and more carbs. and maybe an egg sandwich every once in a while. also i’m pretty sure it’s a scientifically proven fact that stress makes you crave comfort food. on the other hand, i know continuing to eat healthy foods that agree with me will keep me functioning at my best. 

SO in the interest of honoring my cravings, and giving my tummy what it wants and actually consuming a plant based item every once in a while, i concocted this dinner.

1. frozen veggies…which i did not take a picture of.

what can i say, i had just gotten home from class and i was too lazy. but i used a combo of frozen corn and whole foods’ 365 “california blend” which is cauliflower, carrots and broccoli. i mixed these two together in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap and popped them in the microwave for 4-5 minutes, added sea salt and let sit.

2. amy’s lactose free frozen mac and cheese. aka my new favorite thing. it tastes like real mac and cheese, i promise you.


i cooked it in the microwave according to package instructions and added sea salt when it was done.

3. i poured the mac and cheese on top of the veggies. and sat on the couch watching criminal minds.


4. i ate it.


does this even count as a recipe?!?


p.s. i’m adding “get better at food photography” to my long term to do list.