growing pains

fun fact: part of the reason i became a librarian is that you pretty much never have to wear a suit unless you’re presenting at a conference or are super important or something.

i look weird in suits. i tried one on once and was like who the fuck is that?

so as i’ve started to verge on becoming a real grown up adult with a real grown up job, i’ve had to start figuring out how to look legitimate and still like myself.

here are some of my recent attempts:


this mirror encourages my selfie habit.


librarians and cardigans…it’s a thing right???


this outfit and the next are from working at my circulation job at the library, aka i can and should wear jeans but i still need to be put together so people take me seriously.


i love this cream sweater. it’s one of my all time favorite clothing purchases, and i wear it embarassingly often during the winter. come on, it has ELBOW PATCHES. this is me wearing it for a date with “leather” leggings:


from this post you have learned that i love scarves, sweaters and selfies.

you’re welcome.

also apparently every room in my apartment photographs yellow.